GOC Coin

This NFT represents the nature of decentralization, Who seeks it, Where it can be found, And who fights for it, Many Cardano enthusiast's found their way to Ergo through the Cardano ecosystem, by chance sometimes, by intention, by seeking truth in digital technology and the future of monetary systems, and through brotherhood and family, they are not alone, and they are recognized, many Ergonauts are still strong Cardano Guardians, and stay true to the original vision of decentralization as they know it, fighting for it on more than one front, to seek the best route forward, on Ergo, on Cardano, or wherever they find the liberty they seek. This collection is for the Gaurdians of Decentralization. We do not turn a blind eye, we stand strong, and we will stand with each other to find the best route forward., in any ecosystem, together. We are Guardians, we stand strong to forge a path for those that come after us. And we will not fail.

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